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Kind Acts of Randomness

Kat the Horn Star
15 August
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One word pretty much sums it up:


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1984, aerosmith, all brass music, america's next top model, american horn quartet, amusing myself, an ill wind, animal farm, atlas shrugged, ayn rand, bacon, beethoven, being funny, being graceful in heels, being lazy, black performance clothes, canadian brass, casablanca, causing havoc, cheap pizza, chocolate, classic films, colin firth, comedy slippers, dancing, dazzling everyone, diamond placentas, doctor zhivago, douglas adams, drinking too much propel, dystopian fiction, eating cereal, epic, epic fail, epic lulz, eric bana, falling in tennis shoes, franz strauss, girls nights out, harrison bergeron, harrison ford, harry potter, hating music theory, hitchhiker's guide, hobopattz, hurling myself off things, intuitions, jane eyre, jars of dirt, john williams, johnny depp, kerry turner, kurt vonnegut, led zepplin, lord of the rings, loving literature, lulz, macros, mahler, marauders era fanfiction, mel brooks, message movies, metallica, mint hot chocolate, monty python, mountain lions, mozart, mugglenet, music, my black boots, my caffeine addiction, not being elitist, not even fucking raining, omar sharif, opera, orlando bloom, oscar parties, patrick doyle, phillipa gregory, pink floyd, pirates, playing horn, practicing at two a.m., practicing hours a day, pride and prejudice, reading, rereading old journals, richard strauss, roald dahl, running into things, sexual frustration, shakespeare, singing pirate songs, sir alec guinness, sous vide, sparkling grape juice, speaking the queen's english, strawberries and champagne perfume, tamora pierce, taunting my ex, tchaikovsky, the four hornsmen, the hobbit, the telltale heart, the who, tosca, using proper grammar, utopian fiction, vulva, wasting time, watching opera with friends, we the living, wearing period costumes, writing (fanfiction and originals)